How's the weather at present ?

Well, summer has begun, it's getting hot everywhere in Maharashtra.

While it won't be like Shimla or Manali, locationwise, Amba is like Khandala, minus the concrete jungle. So It's better than these places or your hometown, because Amba is situated near forested hilly area.

As in Mahabaleshwar, the open sun feels stronger than in a typical polluted city, because the sunlight comes directly to you unfiltered. But in shade it is much cooler.

Also you can cool off by taking a dip in the backwater of a nearby dam.

Or, bask in the splashing tailrace water of another bigger dam, on your forest picnic day.

The nights and mornings are pleasant. During the daytime, mostly you are out in a forested area hence you don't feel the summer heat.

All in all, though you should not expect Shimla or Masoori type climate anywhere in Maharashtra at this time of the year, it's certainly better to spend a couple of days at Amba rather than any crowded tourist spot. Families with small kids have been enjoying their stay here during all past week without any summer complaints.

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