What is there to see ?

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there is a beautiful dam backwater site good for safe swimming, photography and long walk in the thick forest surrounding the lake.

In the Monsoon one can enjoy the waterfall

Summer sacene
Monsoon Scene


For those interested in nature walks, there is a beautiful half day trek.

It involves walking thru thick forest for about 1.5 hours ending on a flat mountain top with stunning views and some geological wonders.( We don't want to disclose all of it here because we want to save some mild surprises for you !)

You start after bed tea, everyone carrying his/her own water bottle and nashta pack. Walk on a very gradual ascent thru dense forest and reach on the top. Have nashta, spend about an hour enjoying the scenery and the geo-won ders, and come back by lunch time.

It doesn't take any mountaineering skills or rope rappelling expertise.

As you can see in the snaps, even kids enjoy it.

Note the evergreen forest below.


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